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Kasım, 2017 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

A New Way

1: I used to write in Turkish all my life until today and -glad to god- I did it well. But Turkish is not enough today. It's not a linguistic problem, actually I can't describe it as a problem. If I could write in Turkish, it would be easy. We called it on Turkish as " ince mesele ". I can translate it as "kind issue" or "precious issue" however, I understand that it will be harder than I thought. Describe of those days is hard, but silence is harder than. I'm trying to do my best. I felt aimless and  I've spent all days without a reason for few months before you. There was no need for more words, I'd written all that I would. I thought and I was wrong. " Слава богу! " I like you very much. I don't need any images or metaphors, words are useless to describe my days with you, because it's simple and also mighty as water. It's meaningful as is. I wrote "my days with you", it is not wrong. You ar